Curricular Activities

Our college emphasis on the overall development of the student and extracurricular activities. Cultural activities lead the development of many soft skills of students. Rangoli, Mehandi And Painting Competitions have  organized  by our BCA college on 25th August 2018. Students of class Semester  I, III and V  have taken part in it.Among those following students got ranks:

Rangoli Competition:

Rank 1   :  Pooja  M. Khatri               Sem -III

Rank 2  :      Mifta  A. Memon            Sem- I

Rank 3  :     Asha P.  Prajapati           Sem-V

Mehandi  Competition:

Rank 1   :  Asha  P. Prajapati              Sem - V

Rank 2  :     Nidhi B.  Soni                   Sem- V

Rank 3  :     Happy  D.  Patel                Sem-I

Painting  Competition:

Rank 1   :  Sushilkumar A.  Suthar         Sem - I

Rank 2  :     Sahil  D.  Parmar                   Sem- I

Rank 3  :     Asha  P.  Prajapati                 Sem-V

In various events, the students of  the college tried their best to prove that they are well aware of their  moral responsibilities.